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Copyright Assignment Agreement

Last updated January 1, 2024



This Copyright Assignment Agreement ("Agreement") is intended to establish a clear understanding between the "USER" (the author of the work) and the "Creative Partner" (the copyright holder). It serves as a benchmark for copyright assignment for creative works created by the Creative Partner and utilized by the USER. While both parties may have their own contract agreements and processes, this Agreement offers a standardized framework to facilitate the transfer of exclusive rights and ensure transparency in the use of creative works.


Copyright Assignment Agreement

(Standard Work Agreement)

Today's Date: [Insert Date]

Parties to the Agreement:

On one hand, we have:

USER (Author):

  • Full Name: [Insert Full Name]

  • Identification/Security Number: [Insert ID/Security Number]

  • Permanent Address: [Insert Address]

  • Passport/ID Number: [Insert Passport/ID Number]

  • Phone Number: [Insert Phone Number]

  • Email: [Insert Email]

And on the other hand, we have:

Creative Partner (Copyright Holder):

  • Full Name: [Insert Full Name]

  • Identification/Security Number: [Insert ID/Security Number]

  • Permanent Address: [Insert Address]

  • Passport/ID Number: [Insert Passport/ID Number]

  • Phone Number: [Insert Phone Number]

  • Email: [Insert Email]

Purpose of Agreement:

This contract was concluded for the following purpose:


  • The Creative Partner agrees to grant the USER exclusive rights for the distribution and public display of the work titled "[Insert Work Title]" against a total remuneration of [Insert Amount].


  • The USER's exercise of exclusive rights will be carried out indefinitely and is applicable to all territories where the USER sells the works, including any online platform.


Obligations of the Creative Partner:

3.1.1. To provide the USER with the work/s.

3.1.2. To clearly and accurately provide any additional details requested by the USER.

3.1.3. To grant the USER the right to be credited as the author of the works.

3.1.4. To grant the USER consent to sell the works through any bookstore and/or platform and in any other way deemed appropriate.

3.1.5. If the process of preparing the book involves the utilization of any form of artificial intelligence, it is imperative to clearly disclose this fact. Copyright protection is granted solely to works authored by human individuals, and as such, it is crucial to make a transparent declaration if any AI assistance is employed in the book's creation. In the event of copyright infringement resulting in liability for the USER, the Creative Partner will be responsible for all damages, both pecuniary and non-pecuniary, direct and indirect, including those related to third-party claims of copyright infringement.

Obligations of the USER:

3.2.1. To receive the works duly handed over to him (books, e-books, illustrations, book covers, audiobooks, music).

3.2.2. To pay the Creative Partner the agreed remuneration in full within 2 working days after the work is received.

3.2.3. To pay all due taxes and be responsible for the implementation of all statutory regulations related to the sale of the work and cover all expenses at his own expense if any.


  • The payment of the full amount for the work will be done within 2 working days after the work is delivered.


5.1. The USER owes a penalty if:

5.1.1. They violate the deadline under sub-section 3.2.2, resulting in a moratorium interest payment of 1% of the agreed remuneration for each overdue day.


6.1. All work (text/images/music) is prepared with the Creative Partner's materials and is created by him or by persons who, on the Creative Partner's order, produce the work and assign the copyright and rights.

6.2. With the transfer of the work from the Creative Partner to the USER, the responsibility for the storage of the originals is now borne by the latter.

6.3. The USER acquires the following property rights:

  • The right to publicly display the work.

  • The right to distribute the work and make a profit.

  • The right to distribute the work under their own name.

  • The right to determine the time, place, and manner of distribution of the works.

This contract can be amended and supplemented by mutual agreement of both parties.

This contract is drawn up and signed in two identical copies - one for each party.


USER/Author: /....................................... /

Creative Partner: /....................................... /

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